Are Bath And Body Work Wallflowers Safe For Cats?
Are Bath And Body Work Wallflowers Safe For Cats?

Are Bath And Body Work Wallflowers Safe For Cats?

Are Bath And Body Work Wallflowers Safe For Cats?

Cats are very sensitive domesticated animals. Since their ancestors have adapted in the wild to hunt stealthily, they have highly developed senses of smell and hearing.

Cats are comfortable with their natural surroundings and can get anxious and even sick in unfamiliar places.

Bath and body works are air fresheners that are available in various fragrances, scents and some with additional essential oils. They are used to maintain a clean, healthy and pleasant environment in rooms.

Do Cats Like Fragrances?

Although humans prefer to use these products, animals are also more relaxed in spontaneous atmospheres.

cat smelling stuff

Pets are highly sensitive towards their ambiance hence usage of strong artificial fragrances could stir up their mood and health.

These products contain various chemicals such as synthetic fragrances, parabens, sulfates, and artificial colours. Such chemicals could directly or indirectly affect the health of pets.

Can Using Bodyworks Harm Your Cat?

It is reported usage of bath and body works for washing cats could lead to constant throwing up or puking. Some other problems are irritations to the skin and eyes, nausea, drowsiness and respiratory problems.

Vets have also advised that artificial and strong room fragrances trigger asthma attacks in cats and coughing spasms because the toxic compounds present in products have a harmful effect directly on the respiratory systems of your cats

As you find these symptoms in your cats, it is better to run to the vet.  

Optional products for room freshners

If you persist in using air fresheners, alternatives are available. These must be of natural origin so they don’t affect our furry friends. Some of the option we cat owners have are:


cat with a plant

Cats like having plants around but you should take care not to startle your cat with sudden changes. Kitties also like chewing on things, so you should avoid plants that are not safe for your cat.

Essential oils

Essential oils are an easy allergy-free alternative to harmful chemicals.

An essential oil is just a plant extract usually obtained by distillation of flowers or aromatic parts but sometimes, whole plant may also be used to extract oils.

essential oil for cats

Lavendar and chamomile oil are safe for cats, and if you feel like it- you can also use these to massage yourself!

Baking soda

If you have a granny, she probably still uses baking soda when your room gets damp and smelly.


Baking soda is a cheap non-toxic substance that you just leave out for a few hours, and it will magically absorb any foul odours.

Final Thoughts

Regular but careful usage of these things aids to an amiable atmosphere in home.

Thorough cleaning of cats, getting rid of cat litter, and finding pet-friendly products are proper ways to groom your cats.

Hence, B&B products are not healthy and safe for your furry friends. They are highly susceptible to any other strong perfumes. It is better to rely on natural mild fragrances for the safety of our feline.

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