Cat Suddenly Doesn't Want To Be Touched?
Cat Suddenly Doesn't Want To Be Touched?

Cat Suddenly Doesn't Want To Be Touched?

Cat Suddenly Doesn't Want To Be Touched?

Cats are affectionate animals. These fur buddies yearn for human interaction but only up to a certain level. They have their own preference and time limit for touches and cuddles.

Cat owners cannot expect their cats to be as expressive as dogs or other pets. Cats often dislike being touched and petted. But if your cat unexpectedly doesn’t want to be touched then it is time to be cautious.

Although it is impossible to guess the cat’s behavior some probable causes could be as follows:

Why Does My Cat Suddenly Not Want To Be Touched?

Annoying Humans!

You may be petting your cat at the wrong moment just when it doesn’t want to be disturbed.

Most kitties like to spend some time playing with their food alone. Or they are feeling annoyed by your constant petting.

This may sound odd but cats can be bored by you stimulating them in just one area.

Mood Changes

Cats may be experiencing personality change with its coming up age such as adolescent cats (more than 6 months).

cat in a bad mood

It also depends on the individual cat. So, while some cats may prefer to grow distant when they grow, others might never show that behavior.

Look Where You Touch!

You may be touching your cat at the wrong place. Usually cats prefer to be touched on the neck, behind the ears, their chin’s underside, and the base of the tail.


Most of the cats don’t like to be touched on their belly.

The base of the tail has lots of nerve endings, so they can get very easily stimulated if you touch there. The place is also an erogenous zone for female felines- so look out for aggressive behavior as well.


Your cat may be suffering from pain and health issues. External and internal wounds, bruises, fractures, illness, burns, swollen areas, etc. could be the reasons for their sufferings.

You must your kitty to the vets as soon as you find this. Timely care can help reduce suffering and prevent injuries from getting severe.


scared cat- traumatic experience

Your cat may be experiencing some traumas. Abandoned, lost and adopted cats have major emotional and mental health issues.

You must be patient and extra affectionate towards them. Letting your cat come to you is a great idea!

You Smell Funny!

cat sensitive to smell

Your cat may hate some scent or fragrances you touched. Cats might pick up some unpleasant and unusual scents from lotion, hand creams and soaps which could lead to avoidance of your touch.

What to do when your cat avoids your touches suddenly?

Every cat has unique characteristics. As the parent of your cat you should be patient and observant.

You can follow some of these tips to reduce the alertness of your kitty:

Keep It Peaceful

You should avoid loud music, noises, strong scents and other external stressors in home.

Cats tend to get easily scared by sudden noises and unfamiliar surroundings can cause them to get anxious and sick.

Visits To Vets

Regular checkup and vet appointments are a great way to ensure that your kitty stays in top shape.

You should also take care of your cat’s health at home and watch what they’re eating. Any unusual habits like your cat not eating should be addressed immediately as cats are very susceptible to liver failures if they starve themselves.


Treats for your cats as positive aids is also a good idea.

Cats like dried meats and fishes, so pampering your cat once in a while helps them know that you love them!

Be Kind To Your Cat

Stop shouting and physically hurting your cat!

You got a kitty to care for it. Taking out your frustrations on your cat is a terrible thing to do.

I’ve never laid a finger on my cat but I’ve heard people doing horrible things to their pets. If you cannot stay polite to your pet, you don’t deserve a pet. As simple as that.

Wait For It!

cat in a cardboard box scared

I always recommend patiently waiting for your pets to come to you and touch them carefully and slowly. It helps them know that you won’t hurt them and they will trust you in time.

Final Thoughts

These are several points you can keep in mind while waiting for your cat to open up to you. You should never force your cat in your lap or try to lift them if they don’t want to be near you.

Being insensitive is a sure way to degrade relationship with your cat.