Gift Guide: Top 5 gifts your cat would love
Gift Guide, Happy Cat

Gift Guide: Top 5 gifts your cat would love

Gift Guide: Top 5 gifts your cat would love

Our pets are like family to us and what better way to admire and appreciate their constant support than with gifts. If you are a cat lover, you might already know that CATS are hard to impress. Holding a cat’s attention is a secret that is yet to be discovered, however, a great cat toy is the best place to start.

Finding the cat toy that works great for your cat can be daunting. You get hundreds and thousands of results on one search and choosing one between those is like making a child choose candies in a Candy land - it's impossible - you want all of them. So, here’s a list of the top 5 gifts your cat or your cat lover friends would love to get.

Cat Caves

Cat Cave from Petkiri

Cats are cozy animals and they love to be sneaky. If you have a cat, you already know how much they love to hide in corners and comfy places. Your cat would thank you forever for gifting him his own private space where he can spy his human friends from.

If you can not find your cat anywhere in the house, they are probably purring and enjoying their alone time in their cat caves.

You can get yours from PETKIRI, an amazing handcrafted cat cave for your precious pet.

Scratching Wall Post

Scratching Wall Post

If you have a cat, you already know the struggle of preventing your cats from destroying your carpets, couch, and your upholstery.

Every cat needs a scratching post. Why? - Because cat loves scratching and scratching is a way for cats to mark their territory and aware other animals not to mess with the place and their people.

Also, cats are very specific about their claws, and scratching helps them to file and maintain their claws. So a scratching wall post might be something you could gift your cat or cat parents.

Interactive Laser Pointer

Interactive Laser Pointer for Cats

There is no use of an Interactive Laser pointer unless you own a cat. Owning a pet is not just feeding them, you need to work on their physical as well as cognitive growth. An interactive laser pointer is right up there to work your cat senses just like how mice wake the demon in them.

The automatic laser pointer can be an amazing gift for your cats without the need for your full attention. After 15 minutes of operation, the pointer automatically shuts down for 1.5 hours giving your cat the time to rest on their cat cave.

Felt Cat Toys

Felt Toys for Cats from Petkiri

A more budget-friendly gift yet something your cats or even your dogs would love to play with are felt toys. Cats are very particular about the gifts they play with. It needs to be just the perfect shape, and size to snuggle and sniff.

What is better than buying a gift for your cats? Buying a bunch of them! The felt toys from PETKIRI come in a pack of 5, organic felt toys that your cat would love.

Food Dispenser

Food Dispenser

Every cat’s parents dream to end the feeding time hassle. So the automatic cat’s dry food feeder is a gift for both you and your cats. With large storage and automatic feeding time, you will never miss feeding your pets even when you’re out.

Parents know what’s best for their cats, therefore, this dispenser lets you adjust feeding time as you and your cat would love and the red blink notifies you when to refill. The hassle-free automatic process of feeding your cat is what busy cat parents look for.


Is that it?

These sums up the top 5 best gifts your cat and cat parents would love. Ranging from more affordable to expensive gifts, having these five things would make your cat happy and feel loved. If you want to explore more gift ideas then do visit You can find amazing cat gifts, cat grooming things, and many more for your furry friend.