How To Get A Cat To Like You?
How To Get A Cat To Like You?

How To Get A Cat To Like You?

How To Get A Cat To Like You?

Cats, like so many other human beings, maybe strange animals. But, believe it or not, becoming friends with a feline is not difficult if you know what to do. Here are some ideas on properly buddy up with a feline.

1. Watch Your Body Language

If a cat is nervous about you, she will hide or avoid you. It's crucial to make a new kitty feel at ease while meeting her for the first time. Because cats are such little creatures compared to humans, it is critical that they feel comfortable and secure. When meeting a new cat, the first thing you should do is stooped down and welcome her on her level, making yourself smaller and less intimidating. It's crucial to pay attention to your body language. Eye contact that is too direct can be frightening or even hostile. Even body language that is directly directed towards the cat might look aggressive.
Play the game hard to get. Don't worry about the cat; she'll find you in her own time.

2. Let the Cat Approach You

Cats may be utterly irresistible. But, no matter how badly you want to give her a huge embrace, don't. This is a typical blunder made by cat lovers. They'll approach the cat and try to corner it, touch it, and gain control over it. Your approaches will either be ignored or force the cat to flee in this circumstance. 
Rather than making a beeline for the cat, invite it to approach you. Extend your index finger towards the cat while crouching or sitting. The next step is to let the cat sniff you. Let her go if she walks away.

3. Observe the Cat’s Likes and Dislikes

Cats, like people, have a wide range of personalities and interests. You may ask questions if you're meeting a friend's or significant other's cat; if you're adopting a new cat, you'll have to watch the cat's habits and get a sense of what she loves.

If you take things slowly and establish trust, even a shy yet curious cat has the potential to become your next best friend. You may ingratiate yourself by learning what that specific cat enjoys. If the cat enjoys being brushed, then brushing the cat, whatever it is, is one way to encourage the cat to come forward.

4. Keep Calm and Stay Positive

The more predictable your activities are, the more confident the cat will be in you. Along with remaining as cool as a cucumber, engage in activities that cats connect with pleasant outcomes. As a greeting, give the cat food or a treat and create a habit of calling the cat by its name. Make everything positive, so that wonderful things happen to you.

5. Use Treats Strategically

This one is simple: feed a cat a delicious bite, and she'll be more inclined to warm up. This does not, however, imply that you should feed the cat snacks all day. Use cat treats to either reward successful social interactions with you or persuade a shyer cat to approach you and learn more about you. Remember that not all cats have the same preferences, so do your homework if you want to form a lasting bond with one. Some cats aren't extremely food-driven, so you'll have to find a reward they enjoy.

6. Play with the Cat—But Know When to Stop

She could be up for some fun once you've introduced yourself to a cat carefully and calmly. Before attempting to interact, remember to be cautious and consult with the cat's owner. Is the cat coming over to you and allowing you to pet her? Is she showing indications of being at ease? Then she could be interested in participating in the game.
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A quick play session may be a fun way to get to know each other. Grab a wand toy and move it around like a snake, bird, or mouse to allow the cat to relax her guard. Use wand toys, ball-and-track toys, and puzzle feeders to provide cerebral stimulation for your cat. Amazing cat toys are available at Petkiri. Check them out.

Quick Tip: Remember to give your furry friend room and not force the interaction when interacting with a cat for the first time. Keep fun brief; if she wants more, she'll come to you.