What Does The Bible Say About Cats?
What Does The Bible Say About Cats?

What Does The Bible Say About Cats?

What Does The Bible Say About Cats?

The majority of people nowadays have pets with them. It's both a fashionable adornment and a companion for their lonely lives. There are cats, dogs, parrots, turtles, and other animals to choose from.

In general, I adore cats and now have one of my own. Because she constantly plays with me, she is like a partner to me. It's a lot of joy for us to spend time together.

It may have bugged you what the Bible says about cats, and it can be quite surprising to see what cats meant in the holy scriptures!

What about cats in the Bible?

Everyone who grew up going to the church is aware of the Bible and believes in its teachings. And the majority of pet owners have considered what the Bible actually says regarding their pet.

So, I'm concerned about it as well, and I'd like to know what the Bible says about my cats.

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History, tradition, culture, and numerous religious leaders who interpret sacred writings for us shape our beliefs. As far as I can tell, the Bible describes the creations of the earth from its beginnings to the people who live on it.

According to the Bible, every living animal was created by God, therefore I was curious to see what the Bible had to say about my cats.

Despite our want to know the answer, we are hesitant to ask the believer this question. So, if you're looking for an answer to this topic on your own rather than asking a believer, don't worry, you're not alone!

Most people believe cats are evil because of their perspective, and some religious folks believe cats are a sign of evil. Notice how I expressly stated that cats are my favourite pets. This is embarrassing to me as a human, but cats are my favourite pets over dogs. I'm sorry if that offends you, but cats are my favourite guys.

Because many people have preconceptions about cats, I'd want to provide an intriguing take on biblical symbols linked to the animal kingdom, specifically the cat.

Regarding the biblical symbol of the cat, it is not an evil omen, and this will clear up any ambiguities.

As far as I know, the bible is about Christ and his teachings, and as I've studied the bible, I found no evidence that Jesus Christ said anything negative about cats.

And it's terribly unjust that people are criticizing cats without any data or justification.

Knowing the Bible, the references to our beloved pet cats are frankly missing out. There are several animal references in the Bible, however, the cat is absent. There is a word "cattae" mentioned.

Cattae is a Latin term that, according to popular belief, refers to female cats. It's a somewhat obnoxious moniker for our feline friends.

Regrettably, the Bible has nearly no references to our beloved cats. It's almost as if cats were unheard of as domestic animals at the time, and they aren't as common now. Cats appeared to be more untamed in those days, as opposed to the cats who purr on our hearths today.

Cats are not mentioned in the Bible as companions, but they are mentioned in other Christian teachings. The cat's eye is mentioned in various Christian verses as a symbol of the Virgin Mary.

There are also some instances of cats being associated with the Virgin Mary and being used as Annunciation pictures. Many Christians believe in God's creation and treat their pets, including cats, with great care.

Will I be reunited with my cat in the holy mountain?

According to Pope Francis, all of God's creation will one day return to the holly mountains, and all pets, including cats, will also go to heaven.

reunited with cats religious faith

We cat lovers feel a strong bond with our cats and wish to keep them even after they pass away. So we all wonder if our cats' spiritual bodies will be with us in paradise once we die.

Because the Bible records the origin of the world, we can assume that our answer will be found there as well. However, a dissatisfied bible is also deafeningly silent on the subject.

And it is mentioned somewhere that animals, like people, are a part of the life-death-rebirth cycle, which means that cats' souls may join new human bodies and be human in the future life. The writer does not go into great detail, although he does highlight a few things.

In Abrahamic faiths, cats are more popular than in Christian faiths. The Qur'an has a lot of nice things to say about cats. Judaism considers cats as good pets and companions because cats are regarded to be among the most ritually clean physical body animals in the animal kingdom. According to Jewish folklore, Adam may have possessed a housecat.

What about biblical huge cats?

biblical huge cat

Animals are either ritually pure or unclean, according to the Bible. Our beloved pets, mostly felines, are exceptionally clean in religious situations, as well as in maintaining a clean body in accordance with biblical beliefs. Animals are frequently mentioned as figures of speech in the Bible.

There are few references to companion cats in the Bible, but wild cats are mentioned. They are also significant as a symbol of wilderness and desolation, as described in the Bible.

As you may have noticed, the leopard is mentioned in the Bible as a sign of ferocity and predation. The lion is a biblical symbol of kingship and might.

What do different religions have to say about cats?

In Baruch 6.21 of the Protestant Bible, there is a reference to cats.

We can notice that most of the areas in Egyptians have a spiritual and symbol of many cats, indicating that the Jews are quite familiar with cats.

Wild cats and hyenas will coexist in the biblical Book of Isaiah, according to Isaiah Zephaniah.

Why aren’t cats mentioned in the bible?

We cat lovers were taken aback when we discovered that our beloved cats are not mentioned in the Bible, and we have no idea why.

It's also worth noting that we're talking about domestic cats here, as the lion is referenced in the Bible. The Bible refers to the lion as the most powerful of all beasts on multiple occasions.

Even during the time of Jesus Christ, cats were very common.

The Old Testament also mentions it. Even though they are fairly prevalent, they are less popular in the setting of the Holy Bible.

People are divided over the correct place of domestic cats in the Bible, and many have formed their own hypotheses, many of which lack any facts. Some of them compare the lives of cats and god, claiming that cats have nine lives but god only has three. This leads them to assume that God isn't a cat person, which is why domestic cats aren't mentioned in the Bible, which is rather amusing.

Cats are mentioned in the Book of Baruch from another Christian teaching, but it is unclear.

The reality is that cats in the Bible are mystifying since they are not clearly defined in the Bible or may have been overlooked during ancient translation.

And there is no mention of domestic cats in the Bible, so we can only speculate.

This is entirely by the author, which he may or may not want to include, depending on his state of mind of writing.

The Hadiths of the Koran mention the prophet's love for domestic cats and his status as an ailurophile.

Seeing so many animals mentioned in the Bible and having a desire to learn more about our dear companion upset us greatly.

Were there no cats in biblical Israel?

Humans and cats have a symbiotic relationship, although it's unclear whether it's a domestic or wild cat.

There is ample evidence that cats and humans have coexisted for many years.

Domestication of felines is thought to have begun 6000 years ago.
A new study found that cats have been living with their owners for over 9000 years.

Whether wild or domestic, there is zooarcheological evidence that cats coexisted in biblical Israel's ancient times.

The cats of Egypt

The absence of feline representation in Israelite literature is even more remarkable. In Egypt, Israel's neighbour, cats have proven to be socially and religiously significant.

cat egyptian mummy

There's a cat mummy in the British Museum that shows how important cats were to Egyptian religion.

Before the time of Christ, cats were popular in Egyptian society.

Cats were a great buddy and played an important role in Egypt's ecosystem by helping to save crops.

Interactions between human and domestic cat ancestors have existed since that time, with cats used for hunting and saving harvests for farmers.

Cats are divine figures or symbols in Egypt, where they are recognized as the goddess Bast.

And it's apparent that Egyptians have a deep affection for cats.

But the question remains unanswered for us: why isn't the cat mentioned in the Bible?

Egyptians used to adore cats and consider them to be Gods of fertility as well, so it's fair to assume that felines were seen in high regard in the past.

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Final Thoughts

There are many things that different cultures around the world have to say about cats. Some fear them as creatures that lurk around in the dark while some respect and pray cats as a symbol of might, fertility and cunning.

The bible doesn't say much about cats but one thing's for certain- Christ sure would've loved a cat on his lap!