Why Cats Like The Base Of Their Tail Scratched?
Why Cats Like The Base Of Their Tail Scratched?

Why Cats Like The Base Of Their Tail Scratched?

Why Cats Like The Base Of Their Tail Scratched?

Every cat owner knows how much cats love to be cuddled and pampered with tasty snacks. A cat can be very friendly and melt in the lap of their favorite human.

These felines can engage in many strange quirks, from goofing around in cardboard boxes to scratching and utterly destroying your favorite pillow cases, and still- we find them very adorable!

I'm particularly fond of cats as they're quieter and more affectionate than most dogs.

Cats seem to be very sensitive at the base of their tail and act strange when you touch them there. All cats I've owned share this behavior in common.

In this article, we get into why your cat likes the base of tail scratched and lifts up his behind as in approval.

Why Cats Like The Base Of Their Tail Scratched?

It Feels Nice

cat scratched

Cats have a lot of nerve endings at the base of their tails, and that's why when somebody they trust touches them there, they feel good. You can see that they raise their butt to let you stroke them easier.

It's actually a great sign that your cat trusts you a lot.

Remember how you feel when you need to scratch your back? Satisfying, right?

Your feline friend usually has fur at the base of their tail and they have difficulty scratching that part. So, they let you tend to them.

Stimulation (Mating)

Both male and female cats tend to love getting their backs scratched but females seem to get more excited by it.

Female felines associate you touching the base of their tail with mating behavior, and rightfully so. They probably think of humans as big cats and mating is a natural instinct.

cat in heat

You touching them below their tail provides sexual stimulation to your female cat, and that's probably why they like it so much.

Even if you've got a neutered/spayed female, her feline body language while you're rubbing her back and base of tail tells it all.

Females arch their back and knead with their forelimbs- a sign that she is ready to engage in mating with her partner. It's not strange at all- since cats are not meant to be held captive but rather, stay out as independent predators. So, when they feel aroused, they just get ready to mate.

If you're not ready to have a litter to care for, spaying is a great option for you. 

Mother's Love

Young kittens receive a lot of love from their mother. Similar to pruning behavior of birds, cats also groom their loved ones.

young kittens feeding

As a kitten, your cat probably got pampered a lot, so your cat being sensitive to touch is a normal response and nothing unusual.

Itchy skin?

Cats are very susceptible to skin diseases. There are many bacteria that can attack your kitty and make them very uncomfortable.

You can also find signs of dandruff, irritation, signs of inflammation and dull fur. The best thing to do if you suspect that your pet might have an itchy skin is to take them to a vet and let the vet figure out a solution.

Final Thoughts

While cats like human touch and enjoy quality bonding time with their favorite person, excessive tail petting is probably not good. Gentle strokes and careful petting go a long way to let your cat know that they're loved.