Why Does My Cat Bite My Blanket?
Why Does My Cat Bite My Blanket?

Why Does My Cat Bite My Blanket?

Why Does My Cat Bite My Blanket?

Cats are wonderful creatures and having one around can certainly brighten your day.

If you have a fur baby, you may've woken up to the cat kneading on your blanket. This feline behavior may come off as odd to you but it's actually very natural.

In this short article, we take a look at the reasons for this behavior in cats. 

But before we get into that, let's get familiar with the normal behavior of wild cats.

Wild Cat Behavior

wild cat behavior

Cats are territorial creatures and the compulsive behavior in kittens to seek warmth and comfort is an evolutionary advantage for their survival.

A defenseless kitten in an unfamiliar territory can get attacked by wild cats and other predators. Wanting to be cuddled and staying close to their mamma is a perfect way of staying safe and cozy. 

Wild cats also tend to stay closer together so they can feel protected.

So Why Does My Cat Bite My Blanket?

It's your kitty's domain

It's pretty obvious that cats being territorial creatures feel the need to mark their areas with their scent. 

It's an instinctive behavior in cats to touch and spread their scent on nearby objects to make it clear that it's their territory. 

It feels nice!

cat biting

It's no surprise that cats like staying warm and cozy.

Nibbling on something makes your cat happy. I guess it's engrained in them from a very early age to suckle on their mamma.

This makes them happy, and no doubt, that behavior has lasted on to adulthood. 

Your cat trusts you mate!

Does your cat have serious issues?

The common feline behavior of biting on soft things can have deeper reasons.

Pica is a condition in cats when cats chew on any non-food items they can find. Nibbling on a soft wool blanket can be harmless but if the cat keeps his habit of licking and chewing common materials, it can quickly become a recipe for disaster.

Harmful chemicals, plastic, toxins and fabric are some things that your cat just might eat. These can cause serious digestive issues and cause pain to your kitty.

Another common cause of the chewing issue is a problem in your cat's oral health. You can look for common symptoms of tooth pain, and better yet, take your kitty to a vet.

Can chewing blankets cause allergies?

allergy in cat

Fabrics can contain many chemicals, so it's a no-brainer that if you let your cat bite on clothes, they might get allergies.

Cats sometimes also eat what they are chewing and that can cause them to take in harmful substances.

How Do I Stop My Cat From Chewing On Stuff

Now that we've talked a bit about why cats indulge in the seemingly common behavior of chewing on stuff, let's talk about how to stop your cat from doing that.

Replacement technique

Chewing on things is a natural instinct for most cats and it's not easy to make them stop. One approach you can take- is to let them chew on chew-toys or catnips so they stay happy and relaxed.

Anxiety relief

cat anxiety relief

Anxiety can be one of the major causes behind chewing behavior of cats. 

Whether your cat's just scared of sudden changes or doesn't feel safe around strangers, helping your cat relax can be very helpful when trying to change it's habit of chewing on stuff.

If you have a lot of time on your hands and feel that you are patient enough, you can try discouraging your furry feline when it engages in the quirky act.

Anti-anxiety medication can also do wonders!

Final Thoughts

Your cat chewing on a blanket or a soft fabric is just something that makes it feel comfortable as it used to be with the mother cat. The answer to why your cat does it is not that simple as it may be because of many things.

If you're concerned about your kitty chewing on blankets, you can try weaning your cat to chew on toys instead.