Why Does My Cat Run Away From Me?
Why Does My Cat Run Away From Me?

Why Does My Cat Run Away From Me?

Why Does My Cat Run Away From Me?

Wondering why your cat runs away from you?

We all know good having a furry feline on our lap feels. The kneading, sweet purring and the warm embrace are something every cat owner gets used to.

Researches also show that cat owners are happier- if you ask me, that's probably due to cat hugs!

When you care for your cat a lot and your kitty seems to always avoid you, it can feel terrible. There's a part of us that wants to be trusted and loved by our cats and it's very necessary too.

Let's get into why your cute feline might be running away from you and how you can prevent that. 

Why Does My Cat Run Away From Me

Cats like being the center of attention but time to time, they can feel distant and not want to be petted.

This unsettling animal behavior can have many reasons.


cat scared of you

Your cat may be afraid of sudden movements. In the natural order, cats are both predators and preys. 

Animals bigger than cats always pose a threat to them, so they stay on guard against anything suspicious. While you may not be trying to harm your kitty, being touched without warning or being lifted can scare them.

Some cats are also afraid of people due to past experiences or lack of those.

Poor (Early Childhood) Bonding With Humans

Like humans, the minds of cats are shaped during early kittenhood. It should be no surprise that most of the habits and behavior of cats are formed during the first month after their birth.


In short, if your kitty had a solid bonding period with humans as a young kitten, she would feel at ease around humans. She would probably think of you as a bigger cat and not be fazed by you. On the contrary, if a cat has no exposure to humans during the early period, they are fearful and avoid human contact. 

Wild cats stay away from humans as kittens, so they are fearful of humans throughout their life.

It's a deep psychological issue but you can try letting your cat know that you are harmless.

Your Kitty Is Shy!

Certain cat breeds are more huggable than others!

Ragdoll cats, for example, are the ideal lazy cats that love to stay near people and don't mind you playing with them. In fact, they approach people and love laying on your lap.

Even if you have a cat from a breed generally thought to be not shy, your cat can still be pretty shy. The reason for this individual behavior can be quite complex.

It may be because the feline is afraid of your touch, or hasn't had a similar experience or simply because they prefer to not be touched by somebody who doesn't have an emotional bond with them.



Your presence may trigger the trauma associated with physical contact in your kitty. If you notice behavioral stress when you're near the furry feline, it's probably a sign of trauma.

The cat will seem withdrawn and keep their distance from you. A traumatized cat will stick to darker isolated places like cardboard boxes and not go out much. 

Even a harmless human contact might trigger painful episodes, and that may be why the cat avoids you.

Pet parents should not try forcing themselves on their cats to avoid a bad experience for the cat.

Your cat is horny!

Your cat maybe in heat and that maybe the reason why your cat doesn't seem friendly one day. 

Most cats are neutered or spayed before they're handed to owners but you may have a cat with reproductive organs still functioning. Cats experience strong hormones during mating period and if there's a female in heat nearby, your male cat will prefer her to you!

The behavior is only natural.


Young kittens are generally more affectionate and seek out playmates. They are also more impressionable and you can easily bond with them.

Older cats, on the other hand, have less energy and so, prefer to spend their time napping rather than play with you.

So, an older cat may avoid you to nap peacefully!

How Do I Get My Cat To Stay With Me?

Spoil Them With Treats

cat treats

Think of it like bribing your cat! Cats love to indulge in tasty snacks, and if you happen to be the one providing them that, you might as well become a favorite human for the cat.

Fish, Canned tuna, meats and cat food can be great inexpensive treats. 

Build Trust Slowly

It can be daunting too get your cat to bond with you. 

It doesn't happen overnight, so you will need to be patient with your kitty and wait for her to come to you.

Trying to hold or carry her is also a bad idea as that can frighten your cat. Start with small steps, do not look directly into their eyes and give them a lot of time.

Respect their Space

respect cat space

Cats are territorial creatures and as much as you'd like your cat to socialize and play with you, cats would rather spend their time napping in their favorite cardboard boxes.

Providing a comfy bed, tasty snacks and chew toys is a great way to get your cat to relax. Also, make sure that the litter box is away from their food as cats prefer litter boxes far away. 

Does your cat seem uncomfortable? Is it incapable of finding itself around you or doesn't play around much? These problems can be solved with cat caves. Get to know more about how your adorable little friend can benefit from cat caves.

Final Thoughts

Even if you're a loving cat parent, your kitty can still want to have some space. You needn't be worried about the behavior but you should tend to your cat when they need you.

If you'd like your pet to instinctively come to your lap, you'll need to build a positive interaction with the feline. Be sure to put in a lot of time so it happens gradually.