Why Is My Cat Throwing Up Pink Liquid?
Why Is My Cat Throwing Up Pink Liquid?

Why Is My Cat Throwing Up Pink Liquid?

Why Is My Cat Throwing Up Pink Liquid?

Pet owners have to deal with lots of strange things. Most of those are harmless and quite fun, but some can be distressing.

Cats throwing up suddenly is one such issue that can seriously worry you. Sometimes its quite serious and other times, there's nothing to worry about.

We naturally associate red and pink colors to something deeply wrong, so we get scared when we see our pets vomiting pink or red.

It's not every day that your kitty throws up fluids that are not colorless, right?

In this article, we take a look at why your cat may be throwing up pink liquid and if you should be worried about it.

What causes the regurgitated fluid to be pink?

pink vomit of cat

The most common culprit is blood.

Sometimes, your cat may also have eaten fabrics or colored yarn that released color while inside your kitty.

Why is my cat throwing up pink liquid?

Throat Inflammation

Anything that your cat has swallowed can irritate its throat and cause inflammation in esophagus.

If it doesn't get passed on to the outside via your cat's digestive tract, it will be regurgitated.

Vomiting can easily cause damage to your kitty's throat. It can cause scratching and lead to blood that gets mixed up with the regurgitated fluid.

Cheek Injury

If your cat has a habit of chewing on anything it can find, it may have tried nibbling at some pointed object and injured its cheek.

Cats are pretty skilled at hiding injuries, so need to check if your kitty's cheek looks unusual.

Cheek injury isn't a serious problem and just heals within a few days.

A History Of Illnesses

While not that common in young cats, older cats can have a variety of health conditions from kidney disease to hyperthyroidism.

Even if your cat has a history of getting sick, you shouldn't take your kitty throwing up in a light manner.

Major roundworm infection can also get your cat to get very sick. Vomiting with or without blood can be a sign of infection and should not be ignored.

Blood in your cat's puke can mean something wrong in their internal organs that needs immediate medical attention.

Did your cat eat something weird?

tired cat sick

Sometimes, cats can get their teeth into something inappropriate to eat. Our furry friends have sensitive stomachs and if they've eaten something they shouldn't have, it's very likely to cause them distress.

Synthetic color may be the reason why their puke appears red or pinkish.

Is it Serious?

Well, it depends on what caused your kitty to puke pink liquid.

You may've noticed that a cat throws up occasional hairball that it has ingested while grooming.

It could be something as harmless as cheek injuries or something very serious like an ulcer in the intestines of your cat. Cats can also get food poisoning and an upset stomach if they indulge in processed human foods.  

If you find your cat suffering from chronic vomiting, it's something that needs serious attention.

If you don't exactly know what may have caused blood to show up, you should always consult with vets. Those guys are trained at looking into issues like this one and will help make sure that your kitty is in tiptop condition.

Caring For Your Cat

Treating Them To Snacks

treating your cat

Being sick is painful, and your kitty will certainly appreciate your generous treat.

While you may be tempted to feed them protein-rich foods, it's usually a bad idea to feed them heavy foods.

Your cat can end up puking again if you let them eat fishes. Sticking to light food items like plain rice and boiled chicken is a good idea.


Throwing up causes your cat to lose tons of body fluid. It can be harmful and serious very soon if your furry pal is dehydrated.

feeding cat liquids

It's essential that your cat is feeling safe after vomiting, and you give them enough liquid so they stay strong.

If your cat doesn't like plain water, you can  try feeding them bone broth.

Keeping it light

You may be tempted to feed your cat as much as you can when you find that your kitty is weak. A hydrolyzed protein diet or a prescription diet is great for getting your kitty back to health in no time.

Visit To The Vets

If you sense that something is wrong with your cat, a visit to the vet is in order.

Some owners make it a routine to get their pets checked once a month and I tend to stick to that. I sometimes forget and things come up every now and then, but I try to get my kitty checked if I sense that something's wrong.

I'd recommend you to visit the Vet once every 2 - 3 months even if nothing is wrong about your kitty's health.

Cleaning Up

cleaning up the mess

When your kitty pukes, it can leave quite a mess in your living space. Cleaning the surfaces thoroughly with a disinfectant is good for both you and your cat.

Feline saliva can contain allergens which are not good for your health. And doing so immediately will mean that there remain no nasty stains which is great.

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Final Thoughts

Pink fluid when your cat throws up can be due to many reasons and sometimes, it can be quite serious.

It's fascinating to pet parents that cats know by instinct how to cure an illness if it's not too serious. Kitties sometimes nibble on grasses and vomit to clear their digestive tracts.

It's pretty serious if your kitty also has loss of appetite and a weak appearance, and you should immediately get an experienced veterinarian to check your beloved pet.

It's necessary to look into it as it could be due to food allergies or stomach ulcer as well, both of which are quite serious.