Why My Cat Can't Meow Just Squeaks?
Why My Cat Can't Meow Just Squeaks?

Why My Cat Can't Meow Just Squeaks?

Why My Cat Can't Meow Just Squeaks?

Did you know that cats do not naturally meow when communicating with other cats?

Cats only meow in front of their humans! Wild cats make hissing or growling sound with other wild cats. They have other wide ranges of communicating sounds depending on their mood and health status.

But sometimes, a cat's owner might be worried about these different varieties of sounds their cats make and ponder upon what they are trying to convey. Especially a squeaking sound might leave people having pet cats more concerned.

In this article, we take a look into why your cat may not be meowing, and if it’s something you should be concerned about.

Why does my cat does not meow but just squeaks?

cat squeak

Behavioral changes and defects in the body parts of cats greatly affect in the making of a sound.

The reasons behind cats squeaking can be of a great concern or sometimes simply a preferred mode of communication for cats.

So, these are the main reasons for the cats to only squeak but not meow.

Behavioral Reasons

‘Moody- squeaks’ are temporary. Cats make squeaking sound when they are in need of attention and food.

Is your kitty hungry? Is he/ she getting enough play? You may also want to look into any injuries on your kitty as they’re pretty good at concealing injuries.

Checking their fur thoroughly while giving a bath is a great idea. You should also look under their lips for any signs of damage to their gums.

Most of the time, cats just want you to notice them and play with them.

So, people who own cats don't have to worry about this kind of squeak. Just serve them good food and don't make them feel lonely, and you’re good!

Your kitty doesn’t feel like it!

lazy kitty not meowing

Cats only meow for their humans, and some cats may be too shy when growing up that they didn’t get used to meowing.

If that’s the case, such cats won’ t meow often and simply squeak when they need something.

It’s hard to tell just why some cats just won’t meow. Either way, a kitty that doesn’t meow is still a great pet.

Organ impairment

Vocal cords are the main sound producing organ in cats as well as mammals. Any infirmity in these organs also affects in the kind of sound generated.

This type of impairment may be by birth or due to some accidents in the early age.

The destruction of vocal cords and infections also causes cats to squeak. A quick visit to a nearby veterinary can help you understand the issue better.

Nutrients deficiency

A healthy diet is necessary for proper maintenance and metabolism of an organism.

Any kind of deficiency in the daily diet causes improper growth of any living beings including cats. Being able to produce a sound is hampered by lack of nutritive food.

So, if your kitty isn’t getting essential nutrients in their diet, they may just squeak instead of meow. You can feed them tasty snacks like fishes or cat food combined with nutritious bone broth every now and then.

Improper Handling

cat improper handling not meowing

Cats are skilled predators but can turn into goofballs for no reason!

If you’re not taking care of your kitty, it might be another reason for cats to squeak. Cats should be handled with care during their growing phase. Grabbing, holding them tightly, mishandling or squeezing their throat will cause some critical internal injury.

Cat owners should be more careful while around young kittens. They may unknowingly hold the cats in wrong manner and cause harm to the kitty.


Some known diseases of cats like Hyperthyroidism, UPI (Upper Respiratory Infection), laryngeal paralysis, and tumor or polyp make obstructions in sound generation. In critical situation, cats make a little squeak or produce no sound at all.

If your cat has previously been diagnosed with some disease, it could also be a possible reason.

If you sense that something’s wrong with your kitty, you should immediately seek medical attention as it could be something very serious.

Feral cats

feral cat not socialized with humans

Remember when I said that cats only meow for their humans?

Feral cats stay away from humans and don’t know how to socialize with us. As such, they do not know how to "meow" while pet cats are able to "meow" imitating humans or adult cats.

If you are introduced with a new pet cat and it squeaks instead of meowing, you don’t need to be worried.

Just make you pet cat familiar with the "new- mew"!

Is it serious?

Being a person who owns a cat/s might make you want to learn cat sounds and understand what they are trying to tell you. If you observe your cat deeply you can understand if the condition is serious or not.

Stray and hungry cats squeak for only a short amount of time. If that's not the case, some serious injury or illness can be the reason for squeaking.

If you cannot confidently say what may’ve caused your kitty to stop meowing, you are better off asking somebody who can figure it out, right?

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Final Thoughts

Cats not meowing can be due to something as simple as your kitty not being in the mood. But sometimes, it can be quite serious and needs medical attention.

If you don’t know what may’ve caused your beloved cat to not meow and just squeak, a certified veterinarian can help you with that.