Our Story

Our Story

Lula, a beautiful creature with a pure heart made us realize how pure love and care were missing in the world. When we adopted our first cat, Lula from the Humane Society, we found out how she had been neglected by her previous owner. Lula was the most beautiful thing that happened to us but she was terrified to even come near us. It shredded our hearts to see how cats were deprived of the love, care, and affection they needed. We tried everything in our hands to make her feel at home and safe. She always found peace in the corners of our home.

We happened to share this problem with one of our friends from Nepal and she sent us a beautiful handmade cat cave. As soon as we let Lula settle in the cat cave, she instantly loved it and meowed at us for the first time. This was the most precious thing we had experienced. This incident sparked something in us and we wanted to share this very experience with pet lovers all around the world.

Suzie & Suren

Voice of the Voiceless!

Petkiri started to become the Voice of the Voiceless. We are a team of pet lovers who believe the best love is feeling safe. We have been working on delivering little bundles of happiness to your pets. Millions of pets do not have a home where they feel safe, food to feed themselves, and love to fill their hearts with joy. Being pet lovers ourselves, we understand how you feel about your pets. They are a small package of happiness, fun, and love. With the immense happiness that they bring to us, we have dedicated ourselves to reciprocate happiness back at them.

Petkiri Cat Caves

Amongst all the other pets, we know CATS are the most eccentric. That’s why we provide a variety of color options. Our cat caves are the instant favorites to thousand of cat owners worldwide. Cheerful stories they share with us about how much their cats love their new cat cave bed galvanizes us to make even better products every day.

We are advocates of pet-safe products. We wouldn’t want anything to happen to your pets. So, Petkiri’s cat cave, as well as felt toys, are made from 100% felted wool, with no added chemicals or pet-sensitive fabric to keep your pets safe and sound.

Our Values

Petkiri was started by a small team with the mission to create a community of pet lovers who value environmentally friendly products for their furry friends. We stand behind the ethos “Adopt, Don’t Shop” and provide a good deal to people who are adopting a friend in need.

At Petkiri, we have intertwined our love for pets & and our responsibility to maintain this beautiful place we called home by promoting eco-friendly, non-chemical pet products.

Our Impact

All of our products come from the land of the Himalayas, Nepal handcrafted beautifully by skilled Nepali Women artisans. Providing a platform to these amazing artisans in Nepal to earn money and sustain their life is what we strive for.

Our Communities

We are blessed to have amazing people with the same values supporting one another. Saving a pet might not change the world, but it will change the world for that pet. So, Petkiri has collaborated with amazing communities in Nepal who are working in cat rescue and adoption. We are delighted to share our values, ethos, and missions with a community we have built that loves and cherishes pets.

Our Community 1

For every purchase, you make through our website, 5% goes to a cat rescue and adoption center in Nepal. We have been making a difference in the life of cats and we continue to do so with your love and support.

Make it well, Make it count

Customer Satisfaction

Providing promising services to our customers is what we believe in and practice. The Petkiri team is always there to help you and make your shopping experience wonderful. With 30 days hassle-free return policy, you can shop risk-free and enjoy Petkiri’s services.

Social Handles

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