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Why Does My Cat Lay On My Chest

Why Does My Cat Lay On My Chest?

Why Does My Cat Lay On My Chest?

 Only a true ailurophile can appreciate the sweet purring, pleasant meowing, adorably rubbing on their face and kneading.

Also what’s more interesting and adorable is that your cat loves to rest on top of you while making a purring sound.

This cute little relative of ferocious wild cats; tiger, leopard, and lions, always knows how to dazzle you around with its cuteness. Don’t you always get carried away by their cuteness?

This little cutie may sometimes get noxious and turn into a deadly predator. You might have seen how protective they can become when some stranger comes near young babies.

“Purrrr! Just defending my babies, mate!” 

Quite an interesting creature, right? Let’s learn more about why this feline friend loves to lay on your chest.

Not many of us stop and ponder why cats love to lie on our bodies. These creatures of mystery find you their cozy bed, perch, and relax when you’ve given them a perfect delicate bed of their own.

cat feeling comfortable

There are several theories on why they do so.

Before knowing that, let's learn about cats' sleep behavior.

If you want to know why your cats sleep on you, it’s helpful to take a minute to know how the sleep patterns of these felines differ from ours.

Every animal replenishes their energy through sleep- the dormant periods. Cats do so by taking several naps throughout the day.

Unlike us humans, they usually remain in light sleep mode, not dipping into one long and deep sleep. 

Why this? It summarizes a cat’s role as a natural hunter.

How Much Does A Cat Sleep?

cat taking a nap

Whether it’s during the day or the middle of the night, your kitties always love to take catnaps. Cats on average sleep 15 hrs per day. 

The majority of the domestic cat’s day is spent sleeping. They can sleep up to 20 hours within 24 hours.

As they are natural predators, they mostly hunt at night. Since they lose a lot of their energy during hunting, they sleep most of the time to replenish it.

So, Why Does My Cat Lay On My Chest?

Your Cat loves You!

your cats love you

It is one of the most obvious reasons. We tend to be close to the ones who love us and always want to be around them. 

Similarly, cats love to be around you and want to curl up on you because they love you. It feels more protective around you. That’s why it licks your hand, face, rubs itself against your legs, and loves to knead on your lap. 

Through such activities, it is letting you know that it can trust you and loves you.

Cats Seek Security

Being around loved ones always feels safe. So does the cat! 

Cats feel safe when they curl themselves on your chest? 

Cats have a wide range of places to roam around and have any place to sleep as they like.

And sometimes they do sleep anywhere they like. But have you realized that, when a loud lightning strikes, your cat runs very fast towards you, jumps right into your arms, and remains calm feeling safe in your arms?

Some people also believe that cats consider humans as larger cats that care for them!

These mysterious predators want to feel safe when they are sleeping. They feel a little vulnerable when sleeping alone and therefore seek your protection. They sleep on your chest feeling safer and relaxed when they sense your heartbeat.

Cats Love Warmth

cats taking a nap

Domestic cats are close relatives of desert cats. Their best habitats are warm places. So, it's not surprising to see a cat seek a warmer place on chilly evenings.

You might have seen a cat enjoying a sunny day to the fullest by soaking the sunshine. They lie beside a fire or cozied up in a warm place. 

The heat that your body radiates makes the cat more comfortable as it consistently warms the cat. This is one of the reasons why cats make your chest a cozy resting spot.

Your Heartbeat Is Soothing To Them

Cats can sense the wavelength of sounds that are not audible to us. Cats can sense the human heartbeat in your chest, and they even develop emotions for us! 

Your heartbeat is quite similar to its mamma’s purring sound that makes it more comfortable on your chest.

You Are Comfortable

cat sleeping comfortably

You make your cat feel warm, safe, and soothing. So they are comfortable just being with you. When you’ve worn warm thick clothes, it doesn’t want to lose its chance to stay cozy. 

Also, your cat is emotionally attached to you and your bonding and friendship make it more comfortable to curl up on you.

Marking their Territory

Studies show that cats are territorial creatures. They claim their area by marking it with pheromones- secretion of the scent glands. 

When the cats sleep on top of you, they mark you as their turf and you as their beds. Your cat is claiming you as their own. 

When you’re sleeping, your cat probably sees you as their human taking a nap!

It’s Good For You Too

It’s not only the cat who steals all the comfort and warmth from snuggling up on your chest. The benefits go both ways. The purr vibrations you feel when your cat is snoring on your chest surprisingly offer health benefits.

The frequency of a cat’s purr ranges from 20-150 hertz. This matches with the frequencies used in therapeutic medicines.

It is supposed to aid bone and soften tissue injuries. 

It’s not just the purrs that are beneficial to us. Research published in the Journal of Vascular and Interventional Neurology suggests that people with cats are 40% less likely to suffer from conditions like heart attacks.

Scientists also have found that cats reduce stress and blood pressure.

Wrapping It Up

There are probably many reasons why cats love to snuggle on our chests. It is simply for getting warmth and deriving comfort from us while making us their territory.

If your arm is your cat’s favorite place to lie, please let us know why you think they like it so much!